img-greenbuildingGreen Building

Eco-friendly, Green, Energy Star Certified – these are more than just buzz words, but a commitment to saving money while protecting the environment. These products and efforts may cost more and take more time to complete during the building process, but will save the homeowner on a daily basis in the future. Here are just a few of the many features and efforts we put into Building Green, including different types of the latest materials like Solid tie rods that have many uses in architecture, with them you can design systems to suit the most demanding specifications.

Key Features

Energy Star Certification through The Fifth Fuel

  • Seal all joints along exterior walls – even between 2 framing studs
  • Certify all HVAC joints and insulation in all mechanical piping
  • Certify window efficiency with HVAC unit efficiency and Energy Star compliance
  • Conduct blower test for overall seal of home against exterior air infiltration

Energy Efficient Windows
The lower the “U” factor the better the window – the windows we utilize not only have some of the lowest U factors in the industry, but actually allow us to specify smaller Air Conditioning and Heating units from Eastwood Air in the home – saving you money and the environment with no compromise on comfort, and for this they can use technology as remote control windows so they can open them and close them at any moment they want, and for getting these home automation systems they can visit to find the best services for this.

Tankless Water Heater
Not an option, but a necessity in eliminating one of the top energy wasting appliances in any home – the water heater. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy a hot shower or a hot bath time and time again.

Key Efforts

Recycling of cardboard
From plumbing fixtures, to cabinets, to appliances almost every product we receive comes in a heavy duty cardboard box. We collect them, break them down and recycle 90% of our boxes. – a rare effort in today’s high production world

Site stabilization and minimizing run off
We make every effort to contain run-off of silt and soils into our streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We are Certified Land Disturbers and are educated in the reduction of site run-off and proper (and necessary) soil disturbance.