img-customhomes2Our Management.

There are many aspects of designing and building a home. In addition, there are numerous ways to approach the process and means to the end. Because we are a smaller builder/developer, our goal is not to “crank out” another house, but create your home for years to come. We play only a small, but vital, initial roll to the potential lifetime enjoyment of your home. Our goal is to create well built sophisticated surroundings along with pleased and satisfied clients.

We can approach the development of you home from (3) standpoints; design/build, construction only and/or construction management.

Design/Build: Although a common theme in the construction industry, design/build through our firm is handled differently. We will offer to break down the phases into individual budgets and base our budgets on a cost plus fee basis. This allows you to finalize specific services we are providing and opt to utilize other resources to complete the construction of your home.

Construction Only: Although we prefer to help you in the earlier stages, we can build your pre-designed and engineered home in a variety of financial formats. There is lump sum, cost plus fixed fee or cost plus percentage. We can further explain these options to you in an initial meeting of your project.

Construction Management: It surprising the number of consultants companies and individuals may hire to oversee various aspects of work and our daily lives; auditors, IT consultants, personal trainers, and realtors. In most cases these are simply intermediary individuals or companies to assist as a guide through a process. Why not a construction manager for one of the most complex personal tasks any family can undertake? There are hundreds of finish choices to be made, confusing processes, disreputable contractors, and thousands of unscrupulous cost cutting techniques that can leave you with cost overruns and/or years of agonizing, frustrating deficiencies. Although it may be “another expense,” this option could save you piece of mind and thousands in the long run. We can minimize the hassle and reign in the costs simply by applying years of industry experience to your home building process.

We can expand on the various approaches presented above and allow you to decide what best suites your needs. Any one of these options provides you the flexibility to make the right decision. In addition, there is no cost or further obligation – the initial consultation can provide you with valuable information that can broaden your knowledge of the home development process.

This is what we do and what we can do for you.